Scentsational Suggestion

Recent trends in funeral service include providing a more personalized, immersive experience for families. In addition to product customization, families can now expect a more inviting experience. Some of you have amazing hi-tech scent systems, but this may not be feasible for a smaller location. At our office, we just discovered an amazing (and affordable) product from Yankee Candle® which we recommend. It’s a wax warming device which is safer than a lit candle and produces an incredible scent throw. It’s called the Scenterpiece™  Easy MeltCup System. A variety of unit styles exist (from $15 - $50), in ceramic, stone and wood and each MeltCup costs just $4.99. Their fragrance life is listed at 24 hours, but I’ve seen them work for much longer. I recommend getting a unit with a timer (which you can set for 3, 6, or 9 hour intervals). I think this would be a great addition to an arrangement conference room. Try one out and consider adding more later, perhaps to a display/merchandise room, your reception area, etc. Cut the unit on about 20 minutes prior to a family’s arrival so the scent will be permeating the space when they arrive.    One unit is sufficient for an average size room.  My personal favorite is “Catching Rays,” a musky beach scent. If you want a lighter option, they have some scented like cotton or morning air.      Visit and click on Flameless Fragrance to see current specials.  I also recommend checking out, an online coupon site, to see if there are any coupon codes to save even more.  Note: I’m not receiving any kickbacks for promoting this product, I just think you may find this useful!

Keepin’ it Concrete, Audrey

By Columbia Wilbert Vault with