For the Funeral Professional: Green Burial

What does it mean to be "green" in funeral service?
As with the concept of "green" in general, green in funeral service means practicing environmental consciousness and being eco-friendly.
It encompasses green funeral homes, green funerals, and natural or green burial. Any funeral home can be "green" in practice. You have the option to adopt green practices to improve your business operations as well as to meet the needs of the families you serve.
Going green in funeral service is a natural consequence of today's eco-consciousness.
Consumer values and lifestyles are reflected in their attitudes and decision making about products and services in the marketplace, including their approach to death and funerals.
Green funeral choices are expected to grow in popularity in the U.S. as this eco-consciousness grows – and as more people become aware of available options. (Excerpt courtesy of NFDA)
Can A Traditional Burial with a Burial Vault be Considered Green? YES! Read the informative graphic below for more on how Wilbert is leading the way in incorporating Green Practices in traditional burials. 
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