For Those Who Served

Wilbert has dedicated a special line of commemorative vaults to honor those who served.

Veteran Products
Wilbert feels great pride and privilege in helping to honor and celebrate the noble veterans who have bravely served our country.

Because all American veterans deserve a hero’s tribute, Wilbert provides burial vaults, urn vaults, and urns designed exclusively for them. Prominent personalization options further distinguish a special life to which a nation owes its gratitude.  (Excerpt courtesy WFSI)

Veteran Triune®
• Double reinforced burial vault
• Cover and base reinforced with high-impact ABS plastic and strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
• Brushed stainless steel carapace
• Includes branch-specific military emblems, and customized U.S. flag nameplate

• Single-reinforced burial vault
• Concrete exterior with Strentex® plastic-reinforced cover and base
• Exclusive Salute Emblem for veterans
*Additional branch of service emblems available

Salute™ Urn Vault
• Durable exterior
• Salute military edition urn vault includes Salute plate

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Personalization exclusively for Veterans

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